Why charter a Zorpidis bus

Why charter a Zorpidis bus

The large number of our fleet

The large number of our fleet allows you to choose the right bus for your travels. You can choose from a huge range of number of bus seats (from 08 to 74 seats), as well as choose Tourist bus for affordable prices or Luxury bus for luxury travel


Experienced drivers – Safety

Zorpidis has as its primary concern the safety of its passengers. In this direction the company selects experienced transport drivers and then continuously trained on all issues of safety, accident management, stress management and communication and language training.

For safety reasons, drivers are subject to the strictest rest regulations, compliance with legally prescribed driving and rest times is strictly monitored by computer support. This way you can be sure that your guide will start the journey with you well rested and well prepared.


Private bus repair shop

The company Zorpidis, gives special weight to the prevention of problems in your trip. For this reason, it has a full bus service on a daily basis to mechanically inspect all buses and prevent any technical problems. But even in the event of an unexpected problem, the company has taken care and has a mobile workshop to solve the problem immediately.


Bus positioning system

The company Zorpidis, has taken care to have communication and knowledge about the location and condition of each bus that is in service. At any time we need to know where each bus is and the staff of the traffic office, will offer information and solutions for what the passengers and the bus need.


 Modern and quality amenities

Our company has at its disposal a large fleet of buses, in which it has taken care to provide all the necessary modern amenities. Our buses have


  • Our company has at its disposal a large fleet of buses, in which it has taken care to provide all the necessary modern amenities. Our buses have
  • Air conditioning
  • Adjustable reclining seats
  • Adjustable or fixed feet (in Luxury buses)
  • Folding tables (on request)
  • Car belts
  • Free WiFi in Greece (on request)
  • 230 V electricity
  • Positioning system
  • Reading lights
  • microphone
  • Sound system
  • 17¨ screens (on request)
  • DVD player
  • radio
  • WC / toilet (except Luxury mini bus)
  • navigation system
  • Coffee machine (on request)
  • refrigerator
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Pharmacy


Competitive prices

The company Zorpidis has mobilized its services, having its own garage and dye house, its own gas station and due to the large volume of buses it makes economies of scale so that it can offer the most competitive prices for each category and number of bus seats. Ask us for a price for the services you want and we guarantee that you will have the best price on the market.


Experienced support staff

Zorpidis company has fully organized support departments to be able to serve its customers at any time. In addition to experienced drivers the company has:


  • Bus office, with continuous operation 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, so you can be served at any time.
  • Escort staff for each of your services: escort only on departure, escort-coordinator throughout your travels, experienced guides to guide you during your travels.
  • Experienced travel planners to ask for advice on the most rational organization of your travels