Security is our first priority

Security is our first priority

Safety, reliability and quality are a must for ZORPIDIS.

The company Zorpidis, started its transport project in 1976. Today it is the leader of the passenger transport and tourism market in the region of Northern Greece and the largest in a bus fleet in Greece. At Zorpidis, quality and safety are the top priorities - either for our bus fleet or for the training of our employees. Bus travel has been a Zorpidis tradition for 46 years. Service, fleet, comfort and safety are the highest standards, so you can travel in complete comfort and tranquility.


Well-trained drivers

Any driver "hired" by Zorpidis is first checked for his or her transport experience. He is then trained in all areas of safety, accident management, stress management and communication and language training.

For safety reasons, drivers are subject to the strictest rest regulations, compliance with legally prescribed driving and rest times is strictly monitored by computer support. This way you can be sure that your guide will start the journey with you well rested and well prepared. Our drivers speak a total of 5 languages ​​today and ensure the well-being of passengers. Your tasks range from cleaning the bus, water, juices and soft drinks, to current route information such as route, schedule, delays, etc.


100 vehicles - always professionally maintained

The entire fleet covers about 4 million kilometers per year, without any accidents. Thanks to the regular purchase of modern models, we try to cover all the needs for transportation. The bus fleet is therefore one of the most modern and safest fleets in Greece. The buses are serviced more often than required by law and all services are performed on time by the staff of our privately owned workshop.


Fuel quality is also carefully monitored as our company maintains its own gas station


When traveling by ZORPIDIS bus you can be sure:

... that your bus belongs to one of the newest bus fleets in Greece.

... that your bus is inspected and maintained more often than required by law.

... that your bus driver at Zorpidis is well trained and committed to his transport work

... that your bus driver starts the journey with you, he is rested and well prepared.

... that we will do everything we can to ensure that you have a relaxing journey.


Our passengers deserve the highest level!

Did you know that the bus is the safest motor vehicle for road transport?

No other motor vehicle has so few accidents.